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Hydrotherapy Reduces Pain

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relax and reduce pain with hyrdrotherapy

What better way to beat the heat, get your exercises in, and relieve your pain, than jumping in the pool!

Hydrotherapy is a fantastic way to strengthen and tone your muscles, and improve your cardio-vascular endurance. It is a program of exercises individually designed by our specially trained Physiotherapist who works one on one with clients in the pool.

The buoyancy of water minimizes the stress on the muscles and joints of the legs and spine, thereby allowing normal pain free movement.

A variety of conditions respond well to the comforting nature of water. Fear of water or poor swimming ability is no reason to avoid Hydrotherapy, as our Physiotherapist will supervise your activities in only waist deep water.  

No matter your age or level of ability, exercising in water can be modified to be as challenging or supportive as you need.

Here at SPHC, we offer tailored Hydrotherapy sessions. The facilities provide an indoor, heated pool, with ramp access so you can enjoy the pool rain hail or shine!

Stretching should play a key part of your exercise regimen. It can increase flexibility and improve the range of motion of your joints. Stretching can also help prevent cramping, joint pain, soreness, and stiffness.

Here’s some post swimming exercises to help you warm down after hydrotherapy:

1. Posterior Cuff Stretch  

- Stand tall with your weight evenly distributed over both feet. 

- Lift right arm up and across front of chest. 

- Bend left elbow & use left hand to apply overpressue to right arm until stretch is felt through back of right shoulder. Be sure not to strug right shoulder up. 

- Hold for 10-30 seconds. 

2. Doorway Pec Stretch 

- Stand in a doorway and place one arm against the door frame. Your elbow should be a little higher than your shoulder. 

- Relax your shoulders as you lean forward, allowing your chest and shoulder muscles to stretch....

- Hold for 15 to 30 seconds.

- Repeat 2 to 4 times with each arm. 

3. Triceps Stretch

 - Raise one arm with your bicep near your ear, and then hand on your upper back. 

- Use your other arm to slowly pull your elbow backwards, until you feel a stretch in the triceps. 

- Hold stretch 20-30 seconds, then repeat with the other arm. 


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