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4 Tips for a Healthy You

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4 tips for a healthy you

With Summer only weeks away, we know you’ll be wanting to get into your fit and healthy lifestyle ready for the sunny season. We’ve compiled 4 helpful tips to becoming a healthier you!


  1. You are what you eat

Eating a healthy, balanced diet will radiate through your skin, your energy levels, your ability to exercise and your general well-being.


  1. Muscle burns more energy than fat

Pilates is a great way to strengthen your muscles! Here are the benefits of Pilates for your muscles:

  • Improves your general fitness and well-being.

  • Lengthens short muscles

  • Strengthens weak muscles

  • Develops the core postural muscles to stabilise the body

  • Maintains a supple and flexible spine

  • Creates strong, supple well-toned muscles

  • Reduces risk of injury to the body’s joints and muscles

  • Eases tension related aches such as neck pain and headache

  • Decreases back pain

  • Increases self confidence in your physical strength and appearance

  • Enhances your performance for sport

Not only that, but it improves your general fitness and well-being which is the goal for most during the shorts and singlet season!


  1. Stay hydrated

Did you know that staying hydrated while working out will help you fight fatigue and prolong endurance? To stay on top of your hydration follow these handy tips during Summer:

  • Replace electrolytes with sports drinks, coconut water, or water-enhancing electrolyte tablets.

  • Turn to fruit because they are full of electrolytes and fluids.

  • Check the toilet for colour of your urine to make sure you are staying hydrated.

  • Bring a water bottle with you at all times.


  1. Set a goal

Losing weight, toning up or improving your health all takes commitment and hard work. Write down your goals and the reason you want to achieve them. Research shows that spontaneously making a commitment to change any habit has a great chance of success than "I'll start on Monday".


"Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness" so if you want to be feeling your best self this Summer, sign up for our Pilates classes and receive your first lesson 1/2 price! Call us on 07 3869 1099 to book.